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Dinesh Sharma

Your Competition Is Not Just from Your Industry - It's Everywhere
Feature Article - Most natural systems are open systems, working mutually with their environment. The human body is a prime example. You breathe air, which provides your cells with......Full Story

Chris Koch

Can the C-Suite Handle Customer Experience Transformation?
Feature Article - The instant customer gratification offered by the Ubers of the world is shaking up the C-suite. Most CEOs understand that they must digitally transform their......Full Story

Christine Donato

WTA Serves Game-Time Data Live with SAP HANA
Feature Article - Undeniably the most prestigious tennis event of the four which make up the Grand Slams, Wimbledon attracts the best tennis players from around the world. Tennis......Full Story

Kai Goerlich

How Digitalization Will Change Outsourcing Strategies
Feature Article - For decades, many businesses from developed economies have been moving jobs to low-wage countries. Now, in a recent study on outsourcing and offshoring, A. T.......Full Story

Alex Atzberger

To Run a Large Business Like a Startup, Get Closer to Your Customer
Feature Article - Here's a challenge: Find a company mission statement or vision that doesn't contain the word "customer." While I'm not a betting man, my money says......Full Story

John Ward

Even Chicken Farmers are Going Digital
Feature Article - You're right Henrietta; that is surprising. Chicken farming and digital transformation are probably one of the last pairings you would expect to see in a business......Full Story

Susan Galer

Bias Prevention is New Way to Address Workplace Diversity
Feature Article - There's no shortage of metrics linking diversity and inclusion to workplace innovation and high-performance. Research from the McKinsey Global Institute calculates gender equity could add......Full Story

Kai Goerlich

IoT and Retail: Why You Must Create Frictionless Shopping Now
Feature Article - Although the Internet of Things (IoT) has not yet arrived in the mainstream, it is emerging as a critical path to digitizing the customer experience.......Full Story

Stephan Magura

Kazakhstan: A Nation Going Places
Feature Article - The Republic of Kazakhstan has big plans. SAP is part of them, working to help advance the nation's economic growth. In June next year, the......Full Story


Broncos vs. Seahawks: Football Gets Smart with Data Analytics
Feature Article - This year, powerful data analytics technology from SAP is giving fans the chance to deepen their connection to Super Bowl XLVIII, the teams, and player......Full Story